Open your eyes Coco!

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  1. I def scrolled past thinking like woah cool shadow, howd the sun shine through for eye spots show up on it tho?

    Thought for a second and came back to see two cats lol

  2. Kitty!! Here Coco kitty!!! Time to come in!!! Morris, where’s Coco?? TF coco I’m not gonna stand her calling you all day!! KATTY!!! Fuck. There you are. Get your ass inside.

  3. Come on guys, it’s obviously not his shadow… look at the front paws. What we’re seeing here is orange cat being cut out of the fabric of reality and shifted. The second image captures the birth of voidcat.

  4. the shape and persepctives completely off for it to pass as a shadow…i could very clearly tell it was another cat ! 6/10…bear in mind im bein someqwhat generous because the idea is clever

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