My boss forgot his spoon for lunch… then this happened

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  1. I worked alongside a married doctor with a wife and kids who did this. He has daughters and sings teen girl pop songs all the time, and wears hot pink socks his daughters Pick for him. His reasoning “I am confident and comfortable with my sexuality and I know who I am.”

    No one questions him because he’s just so charismatic though, I’m sure he could start his own cult or convince patients to allow him to sell their organs.

  2. I absolutely love people who are being shamed by others, and instead of shying away, they stare at these people dead on while continuing to do what they’re being shamed for.

    Furthermore, this man has such a sense of humor, that I bet you he has no major stress in his life. ❤️

  3. The fact that he played along instead of getting offended that the person taking the video finds it funny that he looks like he’s sucking a dick r/MadeMeSmile

  4. My male English teacher would bring a banana every morning and just look you in the eyes as he slipped it into his lips… and took a bite. This man had a wife and kids, but he just really couldn’t help himself when it came to bananas…

  5. This kind of goofy shit takes me back to food prepping at the restaurant I worked at. Those guys did the dumbest funniest shit to pass the time. Fuck that job tho.

  6. A bloke I used to work with actually did this everyday on purpose.
    He also turned on the gas in his science classroom overnight as a kid to kill all the students pet fish that were in there, he was a different breed

  7. so, has anyone else noticed that OP’s account is literally just an ad? i’m not imagining that, right? their entire account is literally an ad for a poop scooper. like…what the fuck? since when have companies become that blatant about it?

  8. I’m chilean and our accent is so fucked up that i can understand this clearly as water… we barely move our mouths to talk. Latin Americans can confirm.

  9. This account is of an Amazon shop, who is getting free advertisement by reposting fresh popular stuff.

    Their description is deceiving, since it’s not their boss at all.

    Reddit needs to do something against businesses using their platform for layered ads.

  10. A man who is secure in his own masculinity to eat his yogurt with a banana and not worry about his employees giggling like junior high school girls at a sex ed class. Lol

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