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  1. If you don’t know already, you can get email receipts instead! Register your CVS card on or through the app and then go to Settings > Email Preferences and select email receipts only! Whenever you use your CVS card you’ll get emailed the receipt instead of an 8 mile long print out

  2. Iirc this is much worse when you use your membership. If you dont buy something discounted with the membership, then just buy anonymously. Getting your receipts emailed is a great option otherwise

  3. I was in the states recently and after seeing all these CVS receipt posts I went there to buy something just to get a long receipt. I was disappointed that the receipt I got was only about 30cm long :-(.

  4. As a Brit I thought that Americans were always exaggerating the length of CVS receipts. I always kinda assumed that they were slightly longer than average and then I saw this picture

  5. Uhhh thermal paper has extremely high levels of BPA. It’s basically the reason they feel powdery. Get yo estrogen levels up… carcinogenic… etc. I don’t ever touch that paper except when I want to be polite to a cashier and I immediately throw it away and wipe my hands. Plz correct me if I’m wrong and just OCD

  6. I’ve never understood why those are so long. I’ve never had the opportunity to shop at one. Do they have a special extension on their buildings where they load an entire redwood into a paper mill to print a single receipt every time someone buys something?

  7. Receipts have made me a little uncomfortable ever since I took a materials science class. I learned that most receipt paper is covered in carcinogenic bpa, which is easily transferred through the skin in that form

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