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  1. In a world filled with endless possibilities, one man chooses to live in his mother’s basement arguing with strangers for internet points. From the people who brought you ‘Gamer’ and ‘Cosplayer’…coming summer of 2020…REDDITOR

  2. What if we DO get to see the trailer on the condition that we won’t remember any of it once born, and after seeing the trailer we ourselves chose to be born because the ending was pure bliss and we just don’t know it yet?

  3. What if you chose the life you are living now and just forgot? Not choosing to be rich and powerful because you’ve already lived that life and learned those lessons?

  4. In a universe of possibilities, it is possible that this DID happen and you just don’t remember because it’s before you were born. Perhaps those of us here are the very few who chose to be? Sort of like how only one sperm emerges victorious from millions?

    Interesting concept.

  5. I’ve always asked my parents why they didn’t ask me whether I would like to be born before they made me. It’s stripping me of my rights. I’ll never do the same to another human.

  6. For real, somethings fucked in my neck/spine so i get cracking EVERY SINGLE TIME i turn my head straight after turning it to the right. Just fucking kill me already i can’t deal with this shit anymore. And YES been to the doctor 50+ fucking times, paid THOUSANDS in total for private doctor mri scans etc and no one fucking knows what the fuck to do cause the motherfuckers only care about MONEY. Fuck finnish healthcare its free on the public sector but unless ur missing a fucking limb they aint doing SHIT and private sectors only want that €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

  7. I’ve read that this is actually a thing that your soul goes through before picking a body. That’s why you have dejavu – it’s you remembering the stuff you saw before you chose the body.

  8. Who edits the trailer? If it fades to black multiple times and has inception bwams then it’s going to look like a thriller no matter how many times I walk to 7-11.

  9. what if i have memories of actually seeing certain depictions of my life before i were born? what if the premise of my birth was “she will need your help”?

    im not the only one with pre birth memories, you can google it actually. the funny part is that alot of them align. but i have a fond memory of being in a populated room, but i couldnt see anyone and then this other presence came down from above (upstairs?) or something and didnt say anything but i just knew it was me this presence wanted. i was taken into another part of this place. i dont know what it was or where it was or when it was or anything except the memory i am telling you… anyway, i was taken to this other part of this dwelling or whatever it was and shown what seemed like a series of monitors but not in the same sense of the monitors we have now, its hard to explain. but after viewing the contents of the monitors, i cant remember if i selected a certain one or what but the next thing i remember is seeing a image of what i think was/is earth and then getting in this thing that reminds me of the avatar thing from the movie. and before i got in i remember this presence that brought me here, not able to see it or hear it talking, i remember “she is going to need your help”. but once in this thing i remember a sensation or accelerating but staying still in one place. it was pretty wild.

    this place, in my mind was completely bright… not white or any certain color, just bright. and the other presences or being or whatever that were there i couldnt see any of them, but i could hear them and everyone was just happy. its weird really, but i could tell they were happy just by the presence of them.

    i know im going to get “youre a stupid fuck-tard” comments, but this is a genuine memory i have that i remembered when i was like 4 or 5. i dont remember anything from after the sensation of accelerating in the device or whatever, that was the last of the memory. anyway, just thought i would share that

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