Girl slaps police horse and gets instant karma

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  1. No bs, horses make me extremely uncomfortable. Isn’t it a well known fact to not approach a horse from behind? (Not well enough apparently) dumbass deserved it and wonder if she was charged lol.

  2. I laughed out loud at this girl’s misfortune. It saddens me that there weren’t other consequences too, probably (going from other comments from redditors in the area).

  3. It takes a bit more than a slap to the butt to hurt a horse. But why would you want to annoy a 1200 lb animal with knives on its feet? Hell, they can probably bite off your arm if they were inclined.

  4. You do NOT fuck with horses.
    I don’t think people realise how powerful these animals are and how they can absolutely fuck up your life with a single kick.
    My wife and I are friends with someone who’s mother was kicked by a horse and she’s never been right after that.

  5. The amount of self-control showed by that horse is astounding. To be struck and not kill that girl and bolt is a testament to the training and temperament of that horse.

    The girl is truly an idiot and is lucky to still be breathing.

  6. My family boarded horses when I was a teenager and even when brushing them you know not to go directly behind them. I never got kicked but I got stepped on enough to know that if a ~1,000 lb animal decides it doesn’t like how you’re treating it, there’s nothing to stop it from breaking a few of your ribs.

  7. Love the officers shown reaction. “Is she that dumb? Damn, bet that hurt. Good. Horse ok? Good. Well, better go arrest another idiot. Moron better not bleed on me. Maybe I’ll let the horse step on her first.”

  8. The first thing I learned about horses when I was a kid was to not sneak up behind them, make quick movements, or startle them unless you want to get kicked in the face and potentially killed.

    You’re 0 for 3, Becky.

  9. Dont know what’s more dangerous. Horse kicking her in that stupid face or galloping horse who’s been scared and running over people in the crowd. I think i’ll choose kicking her stupid face again. Brainless bitch

  10. It’s good that the horse didn’t kick her head off, because that would’ve presented problems for the police using horses – but for the gene pool of humanity, it’s a shame that it didn’t happen. This girl will have a couple of kids in a few years, carrying her traits. The horror.

  11. Tbh this isn’t funny despite the horse’s beautiful retaliation simply because it’s so fucking sad she considered it “a fun thing” to hit an animal from the beginning…

  12. What an absolute idiotic thing to do. 1. Why would you fuck with a police horse, 2. Why would you get behind a horse and slap it?

    Maybe it’s just cause I grew up in the country but I try to never stand behind a horse. Shitty place to be if it decides you’re being annoying

  13. Horses don’t see all that well and their only defense against an unknown assailant in the rear is to do exactly what this horse did. Even when I rode a lot, I never approached a horse like she just did. Gotta respect the animal.

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