I finally got to see Big Ben

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  1. Big Ben is the bell, the tower it’s housed in is called the Elizabeth Tower. Sorry you didn’t get to see either of them, it’s going to be under refurbishment for a while.

  2. You haven’t seen the news? Yeah Big Ben is injured right now and his back up Rudolph had a scuffle with Garrett that suspended him indefinitely.
    Wait.. Oh you mean the clock.

  3. Photo from parliament square. You can still see the clock face from embankment and I think westminster bridge right now. Works are gonna take a while but again they keep the clock face visible from at least 1 side

  4. I visited London with my husband a couple of years ago. Came out from the tube right in front of Big Ben. I’m looking straight up and enjoying what I see. Husband looks around and asks “But where is it??!” 😀

    Big Ben is only visible from distance. Too close – it becomes invisible.

  5. Imagine saving up for years to visit Paris…. you book a nice hotel near Notre Dame because thats what you are most excited to see. Its been there for over 800 years….
    And then it fucking burns 3 days before your arrival!!

  6. I note, if OP went inside and saw the clock mechanism and the bells, then technically, yes they did. The *Tower* is called the Westminster Clock Tower, the bloody big bell inside it is Big Ben.

  7. I love the fact that the makers of HP sauce (something of a British institution) have altered the artwork on their bottle labels for the first time in their 124 year history, to replace the original image of the clock tower with an image of it in its current scaffolding clad state.

  8. Since “Pendantic” is my middle name, that’s not Big Ben. That is Elizabeth (II) tower (formerly St Stephen’s). Big Ben is the largest bell used to toll the hours. So take solace knowing it’s not just you; few people on the planet have ever seen Big Ben.

    On the other hand, with the clock under repair, you did get screwed out of *hearing* Big Ben.

  9. So disappointed when we went there this summer. We ended up looking like idiots wondering where the f%$^ is Big Ben. Oh well at least I got to see 9/10 naked women running around during the Notting Hill Carnival.

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