Justin Bieber went from fuckboi to your local drug dealer..

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  1. Kids been battling depression for a while so I think that may have something to do with his look lately. I miss when he looked healthy and he’s been staying out of trouble I just hope he’s alright.

  2. You have to wonder if being a male star is similar to the over sexualizing as female stars, he’s been a teen “heart throb” since he was a pre teen even and grew up with this hyper focus around his appearance. Even at one point having his nudity photographed without consent and published in a magazine. Maybe he’s doing what a lot of rape victims do which is intentionally trying to be less attractive to take back the control of his image and life.

  3. User. He turned into a drug user. What’s going to happen is we’re all going to mercilessly make fun of him until he ends up killing himself then we’re going to say damn that’s so sad what being in the public from a young age can do to you.

  4. I saw a comment on Reddit or somewhere saying that they don’t understand why some girls still lust after Bieber when you could go to any gas station in the country and get four of this guy.

  5. I’m no fan of him but from what I understand he’s dealing with some personal anxiety issues. Dude is just learning how to be comfortable in his own skin on his own for the first time in his life.

  6. Must be really good for him not to have to look fuckable 24/7. More power to him if he is happy.I don’t get why most people hate him. Yeah, he is not the best person, but given he grew up flooded with attention, and most likely “false friends”, he could have turned up way worse. Try to feel love and compassion for everyone. ESPECIALLY those you think don’t deserve it.

  7. Guy probably doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

    When you’re a child star and are told to look like a model for, what, 15 years? You probably at some point will stop giving a flying fuck about appearances. Doesn’t hurt he knows he has enough money to live out the rest of his life comfortably either.

  8. Or the old “lets go halves “ on a dub request then we could both smoke….Bruh, if I wanted to hang I would call you just sell me the weed and let me be man

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