Knowing English is not THAT important

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  1. That’s why I don’t put anything on that has foreign language on me without knowing what it means. Even then, I avoid it. Fortunately, the world relies on English for this comic relief.

  2. While not as raunchy, I was at a street market in China a couple years ago where you could buy all sorts of counterfeit American clothing. You could buy a New York Celtics shirt or a Boston Yankees shirt, plus a few other funny ones.

    While it’s possible some people bought them to be purposely funny, I imagine a lot of people thought they were authentic gear. They were in amidst fake Polo and other brands.

  3. I suspect the guy on the right knows what it means. The two on the left…probably not…

    Addendum: Hmm. The women on the left could be thai…in fact are they thai characters on that airport sign? I think so, but they’re a bit blurry. Porn is a common second part of thai firstnames. I know a Sataporn (man) and a Jittiporn (woman). Maybe all those people are [something]porn which really makes it a Porn Hub!

  4. My high school Spanish teacher told us a story about an immigrant she met. When he was a young laborer, he was going to a new job, so he put on a nice, new t-shirt. As he walked to the new job, people kept honking and cheering, so he thought he was looking really sharp.

    He gets to the job site and the foreman sends him home to change. The shirt said “honk if you’re horny”.

  5. You assume they don’t know what it says………..Maybe they do. maybe his history teacher is a bukake affictionado, maybe that kids mom/teacher is a whore, and maybe that guy sucks disks.

    I am not going to judge. I mean, maybe they are rocking it and assume no one in their community knows their little secret. Or the people who do will, you know, recognize the clues and join in.

  6. My mother in law whose first language is not English bought a very nice dress shirt with the word “Fuck” printed all over it. She wore it to several client meetings around town and only discovered the meaning when she Skyped us wearing it.

  7. I have a theory that this is partially a way of trolling foreign people. Like when you see the starving kids in Afirca wearing shirts with the wrong super bowl team winning?

  8. This is why I never got into Chinese script tattoos. The ever-present fear that I’d walk into the shop, give them what I want, and yet somehow I mistranslated the phrase and now says, “I eat butts”.

  9. I saw a kid who looked around 4 years old wearing pants that had the text “bye bye bitches” on it. First of all, text on pants is a bit weird but yeah some kid’s pants have text or images on them. Secondly why tf would allow that kind of text on kids clothes?

  10. My friend got Kanji and they told him it said fierce warrior. He later found out that it meant two men who are with each other he is the woman of the relationship. The best part is he knows it but still tells people it means fierce warrior.

  11. To be faaaiiiiirrr, the dude on the right could know what it means. I know for certain that t-shirt hell sold the woman equivalent of it years ago, had a picture of a chick wearing it while eating out another woman.

    Edit: oh wow, t-shirt hell is still around, someone linked the shirt, unfortunately not with the picture I remember.

  12. We just got our daughter a shirt that says Rest in Banananas and we are always on the lookout for more on Korea.

    We see mostly grandma wearing slutty references on T shirts but occasionally you get the random phrase that makes no sense.

  13. This really works both ways with English speakers/readers wearing shirts they don’t understand as well! Imagine what you may have worn?! What does that cool looking character mean?

  14. My mom bought a top that said she was into bondage, once. Having to explain to her, not only what her top had written on it, but also that I knew what bondage was, was one of the most cringeworthy experiences in my life.

  15. In Egypt, Me and my old Friends used to sing the song (we will rock you) whenever we feel the hype.. but instead of saying “we will we will rock you” we used to say “we wayy we wayyy FUCK YOU”. So knowing English IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT lmao 😆.

  16. Franz Carl Weber (toy store in Basel, Switzerland) has a heading on their store directory called Boy Toys. I got excited for a moment there before Xmas but it turned out just to be boys’ toys. Oh well – we’ll get em next time.

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