Someone at General Mills should get a big fat raise. I had to take a picture of the box. Hilarious!

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  1. It’s like an ad agency meeting where they made a joke presentation and the client liked it and went with it and the ad agency people were all stunned but said…”Great! Let’s do it!”

  2. I love this 70’s art style so cool. I dig it so much. The cynical load is great too. Reminds me of the postsrs at aperture science in Portal 2. With all the poignant message and the fun style

  3. This makes me think of when they where trying to launch 3D Tv’s and displays. Was working at futureshop and had a customer try a 3D display and then comment that they wished they had glasses that did this to real life…Sales person and I looked at him in such a way he just said sorry and left the store.

  4. Made these for my kids. They kept asking “what do they do?” Just kept saying you’ll see soon. Been three weeks, son is having a hard time sleeping in them.

  5. This is great. I loved in the 90s you could send away for a color changing hat or a decoder ring (it wasn’t just feom a Christmas story) or a fake police badge. My dad would always let me upon the box from the bottom but my mom would make me wait till i finished the cereal.

  6. So my step-son made these but didn’t cut out that yellow part because “that doesn’t make sense” and when I saw him put them on I laughed so hard. He’s 11 in case anyone wants to know. He apparently didn’t read all of the box and only realized after he put them on and then took them off what it said lol

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